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+ Responsible tank cleaning

+ Lowest total cost of ownership

+ Dedicated to tank cleaning

+ Small enough to care, big enough to can

What sets us apart from other tank cleaning equipment suppliers?

What can you expect when choosing Scanjet?

We recognise that there are other suppliers of tank cleaning equipment in the market, and you have a choice of who to do business with.  To help you select the right supplier — and hopefully to conclude that means Scanjet — here are some of the key things that make us different, and why this should matter to you.

‘Responsible Tank Cleaning’ — what does that mean?

Our company motto is ‘Responsible Tank Cleaning’.  This isn’t just an empty slogan, it captures the essence of our product philosophy, and is made up of four components:

  1. Responsibility towards your staff:  automated no-man-entry tank cleaning is inherently safer than alternative methods, and designed from the outset to improve and safeguard the health and safety of your workforce.
  2. Responsibility towards the environment:  the Scanjet tank cleaning machines are engineered to minimise the consumption of water, detergents and energy, therefore delivering the required results with the least environmental impact (and financial cost!) possible.
  3. Responsibility towards the hygiene requirements:  the primary purpose of tank cleaning is, naturally enough, to get your tanks cleaned to sufficient standards, and to do that effectively, efficiently and reliably, and in that respect here at Scanjet we set the bar higher than probably anyone in the industry.
  4. Responsibility towards your investment:  the Scanjet products are engineered from the ground-up to require minimum maintenance with maximum uptime, reliably year after year, thus lowering your operating costs and resulting in minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

Total cost of ownership — or, why you should look beyond just the initial price tag

Although Scanjet products are priced competitively, they probably aren’t the cheapest on the market.  However, there is much more to the total cost of owning and operating a tank cleaning system than just the price tag on the cleaning machine, and this is where Scanjet provides superior value-for-money.

  • Minimal water, detergent and energy consumption leads to lower operating costs — saving you money with each cleaning cycle.
  • Longer service intervals and high reliability give you more uptime and fewer interruptions.  It is the cost of downtime — especially unscheduled downtime — that can really hurt!
  • Scanjet products are designed to be easy and quick to service, meaning you spend less time and money on maintenance.
  • Scanjet products are also built to last, even in the most demanding applications and environments, giving you longer service life and better return on your capital investment.

Dedicated to tank cleaning

Tank cleaning equipment isn’t just one of many things we do — it’s all we do!  We live and breathe tank cleaning systems.  We want to make the world a better place by giving everyone access to the best possible tank cleaning solutions.  It’s what we talk about during the day and dream of at night (well, maybe not every night, but most nights!).

Needless to say, we take tank cleaning very seriously indeed, and are always pushing the limits to be better at it.  So by selecting Scanjet as your supplier, you’re choosing someone that is 100% focused and 100% dedicated to tank cleaning, now and in the future.

Able and agile

Some larger suppliers restrict your choice to their standard models — as Henry Ford put it, “you can have any colour as long as it’s black.”  On the other hand, while smaller suppliers might be genuinely willing to customise their offering, they may not have the engineering etc. capacity to do so.

We are in the sweet spot between those two extremes:  on one hand we’re small enough to be flexible and agile and to have a ‘can do’ attitude; on the other, we’re large enough to have the R&D skills, application know-how and manufacturing capabilities to build customised solutions precisely matching your specific needs.

We call that ‘small enough to care, big enough to can’.

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