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The Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator™ allows you to visualise and therefore better understand the operation of a tank cleaning machine inside a tank, and to compare a range of Scanjet tank cleaning devices in a tank configuration of your choice.

Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator


The Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator™ is an easy-to-use software application providing a realistic illustration of the way different models of Scanjet tank cleaning machines operate.  Different tank sizes and shapes can be configured to match your own tank setup.  At the end of the simulation the amount of time and water / cleaning medium consumed is shown, and the operating parameters and results can be easily captured in a PDF file for later use.




Download the Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator™ below.

The simulator is provided free of charge.  You are required to register your copy, which is done after installation when you first launch the application.  (Please note that separate registration is required for each device the simulator is used on.)

Downloading, installing and/or using the simulator denotes your acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as acknowledgement of the notice and disclaimer shown below, and is entirely at your own risk.


PC versions:

Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit macOS / OS X



  1. Click on the correct button for your operating system.  If you are unsure which Windows version you require, check the system info or user manual of your computer (generally newer PCs run the 64-bit system).
  2. A page opens (in a new tab) in Google Drive. Click on the blue ‘download’ button in the centre of the page to download the setup file.
  3. For macOS:  the setup file is delivered in a zip folder; extract that.
  4. Run the setup file to install the simulator. Depending on your security settings, your system may warn you against installing and/or running the simulator on the basis that it is by an ‘unknown developer’, but you can bypass that.
  5. After you have successfully installed the simulator, you can delete the setup file.
  6. We will attempt to notify registered users whenever a new version is available, but please also check here periodically for updates to the PC versions.  Latest release:  1 April 2019

Smartphone/tablet versions:

iOS Android


The smartphone/tablet versions are available for download in the app stores.  Clicking the store icon will open the app store in a new browser window.  Alternatively, you can search on the app store using ‘Scanjet tank cleaning’.

The smartphone/tablet versions are automatically updated via the app stores.




Do you have any comments or suggestions on the Tank Cleaning Simulator, or have you come across a problem?  Let us know via this feedback form.



Models included:

The tank cleaning devices currently included in the simulator are:

  • Bio 10
  • Bio 25
  • SC 15TW
  • SC 45TW
  • SC 20 series
  • SC 40 series
  • SC 60A



Terms and conditions of use:

Any use of this software is subject to the the end-user licence agreement available here.

Important notice:

The tank cleaning simulator is provided for the user’s convenience, for demonstration and visualisation purposes only, and not to be used for selecting, specifying or purchasing tank cleaning machines without consulting with Scanjet or their approved representatives first, as various operational and technical parameters not included in the simulator can affect cleaning performance and suitability for purpose.


No aspect of the simulator or the operation of tank cleaning machines depicted therein is intended as a sales representation or warrant of performance or suitability for purpose, or to form part of any contract or offer.  Model availability and technical details are subject to change without notice.  Errors and omissions excepted.  Installation and operation of this software is solely at user’s own risk.

Software copyright © Scanjet AB. All rights reserved.


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