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The innovative Scanjet WASHTRAC™ sensor improves the efficiency and reliability of your tank cleaning procedures.

The Scanjet WASHTRAC sensor monitors the performance of your rotary jet head (RJH) or rotary spray head (RSH) type tank cleaning equipment, verifying its correct functioning and operation at all times.  As the tank cleaning equipment rotates inside the tank and the jet of cleaning medium (water or other fluid) sweeps across the tank’s interior surface, the Scanjet WASHTRAC records the jet hitting the sensor, producing a signal which can be tracked and visualised in your automated process control system.

The Scanjet WASHTRAC takes the guesswork out of your cleaning procedures, helping you optimise cleaning medium consumption and time usage, while guaranteeing that every cleaning cycle completes within intended parameters.

The Scanjet WASHTRAC is designed and manufactured to meet the relevant standards and requirements for use in food & beverage and other hygienic applications.

The Scanjet WASHTRAC can be supplied as a standalone component, or as a complete package including the weld adapter and connection cable required for operation, as well as optional software and programming adapter for advanced manipulation and interfacing.

Key Features

+ Works with any cleaning medium

+ Suits all Scanjet rotary jet heads and rotary spray heads

+ Robust and reliable

+ Easy to fit

+ Hygienic design


Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)

Temperature, ambient: 0 – 70°C (32 – 158°F)

Temperature, cleaning medium, process: -10 – 115°C (14 – 239°F)

Temperature, cleaning medium, CIP/SIP: 143°C (239°F), max 120 min

Operating current: 16 – 32V DC

Output: PNP active 50 mA

Materials: EN 1.4305, PEEK

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