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The Scanjet Tripod is a lifting device specially developed for lifting and lowering tank cleaning machines in-situ, enabling easy and quick handling of even the largest tank cleaning machines.

The tripod comes in three standard sizes, with the required size depending on the size (length) of the machine being handled:
1. Tripod 3 meters
2. Tripod 4 meters
3. Tripod 6 meters in split version

The tripod consists of two main parts, the tripod itself and a lifting block.  The lifting block is manually operated and has a maximum lifting capacity of 500 kg.

Key Features

+ Easy to use

+ Safe to operate

+ Capacity 500 kg

+ Non-corrosive materials

+ Split version (optional)

Typical Applications

+ Anywhere flange-mounted Scanjet SC series tank cleaning machines are deployed

+ Suitable also for marine/offshore installations

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