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The SC 40RA is an air driven externally powered automated tank cleaning machine.

Both 2 nozzle and 4 nozzle versions are available with all wetted parts constructed of 316 stainless steel and other highly corrosion resistant materials.

As none of the cleaning fluid is used to power the SC 40RA, the pressure drop across the machine is very minimal. As a result, the fluid energy from the cleaning supply pump is maximized.

The SC 40RA is a very rugged and durable tank cleaning machine; designed for demanding cleaning applications where reliability and long service intervals are required.

Quality Standards
The SC 40RA is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and our certificate of conformity and accreditation is available on request.

Additionally, the SC 40RA conforms to United States ASME standards for construction and others are available upon request.

Key Features

+ Removable drive

+ Easy installation

+ Controllable rotation

+ 2 & 4 nozzle design

+ Very low pressure drop

+ Quiet operation

+ CE rated

+ Self draining

Typical Applications

+ Ethanol storage and process tanks

+ Paints and coatings process vessels

+ Over-the-road tankers and railcars

+ Totes and IBC’s

+ Batch blending tanks


Flow: 5-65 m3/h

Inlet pressure: 6-12 bar

Max pressure: 14 bar

Recommended pressure: 8 bar

Max temperature: 95°C

Rotation speed: 1-1,6 rpm

Standard length: 1000 mm

Weight: 43 kg

Per additional meter of main pipe: 10 kg

Tank connection: DN 162, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404

Inlet connection: DN 50, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404

Materials: AISI 316, PTFE, Viton

Lubrication: Cleaning Media

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