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The SC 30A is a single nozzle tank cleaning machine especially developed for sector cleaning tanks/cisterns/vessels in hazardous ATEX classified areas. It gives the user the possibility to optimize the cleaning, with minimal use of time, energy and cleaning media.

SC 30A consists of two main parts; one washing unit that is installed in the tank and one portable air driven drive unit SC 100, SC 100PW or SC 180 for operation. The drive unit can be exchanged or removed without exposing the tank to the outside atmosphere. As option the SC 30A can be provided with a free selection of single nozzle levels giving a tailor-made installation for each specific need.

Quality Control, Compliances & Certifications
SC 30A is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and our certificate of conformity and accreditation is available on request. Additionally, the SC 30A conforms to United States ASME standards for construction and European, CE and ATEX standards for design, construction and safety.

Key Features

+ Programmable sector cleaning

+ Rugged construction

+ External drive

+ High jet impact

+ High capacity

+ Certified for operation in ATEX zone Zero Environments

Typical Applications

+ Crude oil storage tanks

+ Large process vessels and fermenters

+ Large silos and dryers

+ Large reactors

+ Large Uni-Tanks


Flow: 5-16 m3/h

Inlet pressure: 3-10 bar

Max pressure: 12 bar

Recommended pressure: 6 bar

Max temperature: 95°C

Max ambient temperature: 140°C

Weight: 5,1 kg

Connections standards: See Datasheet

Material: AISI 316, PTFE, PEEK

Lubrication: Cleaning media

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