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SC 20E LP is a tank cleaning machine especially developed for cleaning silos, tanks in industrial applications and other applicable tanks. The size, construction and cleaning requirements of these tanks are design criteria for the tank cleaning machine, which have been evaluated prior to installation in your application.

SC 20E LP tank cleaning machine consists of a wash unit that is installed inside the tank and an electrical drive unit. The drive unit rotates the bottom housing, that forces the nozzle housing to rotate around its own axis. This creates a crisscross cleaning pattern on the tank walls. When the cleaning procedure is finalized

Key Features

+ Electrical external drive

+ Fixed or portable

+ Bayonet coupling

+ High impact

+ Low volume

Typical Applications

+ Paints and coatings process vessels

+ Solvent tanks

+ Totes and IBC’s

+ Heavy duty process vessels


Flow : 1,5-10,5 m3/h (25-175 l/min, 6,5-46 gal (US)/min)

Inlet pressure: 0,4-1,2 MPa (4-12 bar, 58-175 psi)

Max. inlet pressure : 1,2 MPa (12 bar, 175 psi)

Rotation speed : ~8 rpm

Drive unit:
Min operating temp: : -20.C (-4.F )
Max operating temp.: +50ĀčC (+104ĀčF)

Wash unit:
Min operating temp.: -20˚C (-4˚F )
Max operating temp.: +95˚C (+203˚F)

Noise level: Ear protection should always be used when operating machine, noise level may reach over 75 dB

In contact with cleaning media : EN 1.4404, EN 1.4310, PTFE, Nitrile, EPDM
Other parts: Makers’ standard

Service space: Min 350 mm radius from centre of deck flange for handling and service

Approx weight:
Machine length L=0,5 m : 10,4 kg (12,6 lb)
Per additional meter of main pipe : 1,6 kg (3,5 lb)

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