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The SC 15TW is a 1.5” two- or four-nozzle automated tank cleaning machine constructed of 316 stainless steel and other highly corrosion resistant materials. It has a fixed to moving gear ratio of 47 to 49 allowing it to produce a homogeneous 360° pattern that is superior to that of any other rotary jet head in its class.

The SC 15TW is an integrated turbine class tank cleaning machine, employing an adjustable turbine and flow-through gearbox (please note, we also have another model with a sealed and lubricated gearbox, the SC 15TW GL). The adjustable turbine allows the rotation speed of the SC 15TW to be adjusted without the need to change costly stators and/or gearing found in other cleaning devices.

Quality Standards
The SC 15TW is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, and our certificate of conformity and accreditation is available on request.  Additionally, the SC 15TW conforms to United States ASME standards for construction.  Other standards are available upon request.

Customer Success Stories

Paradigm Shift in Tank Cleaning at JK Paper

Manually cleaning the numerous tanks and other vessels of a pulp & paper plant is not only hard work, more

Star(-ch) Quality Cleaning

Keeping their starch manufacturing and storage facilities ‘clean as a whistle’ is nothing short of mission-critical for General Starch — more

Key Features

+ Rugged construction

+ Adjustable turbine

+ ISO 9001 quality

+ Exceptional jet lengths

+ Easy maintenance

+ 316 SS construction

+ Optimised cycle times

+ Flow-through gearbox

Typical Applications

+ Road and rail tanker cleaning

+ Portable cleaning for cleaning contractors

+ Fermentor tank cleaning

+ Storage tank cleaning

+ Winery storage tanks and fermentors

+ Brewery storage tanks and fermentors


Flow: 7-25 m3/h

Inlet pressure: 6-12 bar

Max pressure: 14 bar

Recommended pressure: 8 bar

Max temperature: 95°C

Rotation speed: 1.5-4 rpm

Weight: 9.2 kg

Inlet connection: 1.5” BSP or NPT; flanges as option

Materials: AISI 316, PTFE, PEEK

Lubrication: Cleaning medium

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