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What is automated tank cleaning?

Automated tank cleaning refers to the overall set of methods and technologies for cleaning industrial storage and production tanks and other vessels, as typically found in the various process industries as well as transport and storage sectors.  The ‘automated’ part means that no manual cleaning work is needed, which among other things makes the process much safer as no operatives need to enter a tank for cleaning purposes.

Is automated tank cleaning the same as CIP?

There is considerable overlap between automated tank cleaning and clean-in-place or CIP.  The best way to describe the difference is to think of tank cleaning as the objective and CIP as the means — comparable to how ‘fitness’ is what you want to achieve, and ‘exercise’ is how you can achieve it.  That said, yes — for all intents and purposes, automated tank cleaning and CIP can be considered largely synonymous, and are often used interchangeably.

Why should I consider Scanjet as supplier of tank cleaning solutions?

Apart from the obvious reason — because we make excellent tank cleaning equipment! — what make us different are our core values of ‘Responsible Tank Cleaning’ and minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).  You can read more about our values and product philosophy on the Why choose Scanjet page.

Who have you supplied previously? Do you have references and testimonials?

We have supplied tank cleaning solutions to virtually all land-based industries on every continent (apart from Antarctica — we’re still working on that…), and to customers ranging from the largest multinationals to smaller, individual operators.  Some of these are described in case studies and testimonials available on this website via the relevant product and sector pages.  If you would like to know more about who we have worked with and how we have helped others in your particular industry sector, please get in touch.

My industry is not listed on your site — does this mean you cannot help me?

Scanjet supplies tank cleaning solutions to all land-based* industries, not just those featured on this website.  If your industry is not represented here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or your local Scanjet sales partner, and we will be more than happy to help you find the appropriate tank cleaning solution for your needs.

* Marine and offshore sectors are served by our sister company Scanjet Marine.

Do you also supply the marine and offshore sectors?

Here at Scanjet we supply to all land-based industries.  The marine and offshore sectors are served by our sister company Scanjet Marine.  Please visit their website for product information and contact details.

How do I select the right machine for my application?

This website contains information about our products and industry sectors, to give you an overview of what is available for your particular needs.

We also have developed the Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator software application to illustrate the operation of our cleaning devices in a wide range of different tank shapes and sizes.  This can help you identify the models most appropriate for you.

However, every customer’s requirements are different, and the number of possible product variants and customisation options is vast; therefore to ensure that you choose the right device with the correct specifications for your application, we always encourage you to speak at an early stage either with us directly or your local Scanjet sales partner — we are here to help!

How can I understand what a tank cleaning device actually does inside a tank?

Especially if you are new to automated tank cleaning, it may be difficult to visualise how it all works — but even many seasoned users haven’t seen a tank cleaning device operate inside a tank, for fairly obvious reasons.  This is partly why we have developed the Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator, a software application which illustrates the operation of our cleaning devices in a wide range of different tank shapes and sizes.  The simulator is available free to download via the Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator page.

Where can I find the full listing of all available certifications and standards?

Requirements vary across industries and companies, and depend on the exact specifications of the device in question and its exact application.  Different countries also have different certificates and standards of compliance.  For these reasons it is not possible to list all available certifications and standards, but we are happy supply the relevant details upon request.

What are your prices?

Prices depend among other factors on the exact specifications of the device, as well as any customisation options, accessories and certifications included.  For the latest information on prices, please contact us directly or your local Scanjet sales partner.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times depend on the exact specifications of the device, any customisation required, accessories and certifications included, as well as on order quantity and manufacturing schedules.  Our most popular models are usually held in stock; on the other hand, we can provide extensive customisation options and even build machines to order, in which case delivery times are naturally longer.  For the latest information on availability, please contact us directly or your local Scanjet sales partner.

Please note that while the COVID-19 remain in place, our delivery times may be affected, and we may be unable to send design or service engineers to customer sites. Please enquire for more details.

I have a question that isn't covered here / I need more information...

Please feel free to get in touch with us directly or your local Scanjet sales partner, and we will be more than happy to help!

How is 'Scanjet' pronounced?

Glad you asked!  The Swedish pronunciation is roughly scahn-yet (with a long ‘a’ in the ‘scan’), but internationally our name is usually pronounced as English words scan-jet (with short ‘a’, and ‘jet’ as in jet aeroplane).  Take your pick, we don’t mind which way you call us — as long as you call us!  🙂

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